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Rollups as a service
Rollups as a service

Build in Web3,

Build and scale powerful web3 applications at a fraction of the cost with AltLayer’s Rollups-as-a-Service tools. 

Rollups as a service


Accelerate your project with our Rollups-as-a-Service products

Rollups as a service

Elastic Scaling 

Use our on-demand rollups to benefit from a scalable & customizable infrastructure for your applications.

Build. Tokenize. Game. Transact. Grow.

Do it all with rollups, at a fraction of the cost.

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Thinking about building your own chain? 

Ask yourself these four questions

Should I choose an appchain or a Layer 1 ?

Layer 1s and appchains are the most popular options today. Layer 1s offer composability and low-cost deployment at the expense of scalability, lack of customizability and high user costs in the form of gas wars.

Meanwhile, appchains are more scalable and customizable but have high upfront costs for developers and offer less composability.


How can I get the best of appchains and Layer 1s?

Do you want the security of a Layer 1 and the flexibility of an appchain?

You can now get the best of both worlds - with rollups. Built with modularity, app-specific rollups are affordable and easy to set-up and dispose of. You can also reliably settle your assets to the underlying chain when the rollup is no longer in use.


Conducting an NFT mint event, hosting a game, planning a large-scale airdrop or any short lived event that could create a surge in demand for a short period of time? An ephemeral rollup could be the answer.

Or are you building with a longer outlook, looking for a dedicated chain for a game or derivatives DEX? A persistent rollup has got you covered.

Are my needs short-term or long-term?


Do I have the technical know-how?

Even without any prior technical knowledge - users can now deploy an app-specific rollup in minutes, using AltLayer’s no-code rollup launchpad. 


You don’t need to be a developer. Or to hire a developer. You just need our rollup launchpad.


With rollups, embracing Web3 has never been easier.  

Rollups as a service


Project News

Ethereum co-founder, A16z former GP back SG crypto
firm’s $7.2m round.

Rollups as a service


Arbitrum Teams Up With
AltLayer In Layer 3 Push


Project News

AltLayer opens up testing of disposable rollup solution to 100 developers

Rollups as a service

Project News

Blockchain Company AltLayer Appoints Amrit Kumar as COO

Rollups as a service
Rollups as a service
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